Thursday, July 10, 2008

What if I can't see the font on my new layout?

Ok so if you are haveing trouble seeing the font on your layout you can easily fix it by changeing color. But if that isn't enough you can also make it bold. Here are step by step instructions for both just in case you don't know how.
Under layout there is the "font and colors" tab...go there. You will see a list on the left that has things such as "background color" and "post text color" and a color palet on the far right. Now there isn't any real trick to this just click on the one you want to change and then the color you want. Now makeing the the text bold is just as easy. When you scroll down through all the text and background and other color decisions you can change font. Well you don't have to change the font to make what you have bold. Just click on each of the text selections and go to the right hand side where you can make it bold or italisized and just check the box next to bold. You can also change the size of the text to larger or smaller. I know some of my layouts make it a little harder to read the text so here is a simple solution so you can keep your cute layout :)

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