Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A new thing I learned

So I have noticed alot of people have playlists or video on their side bars, which I am one of those people. The thing I noticed about them is they don't always fit correctly, cutting off some of the picture or music player. So I found a solution..... So when you post an HTML from a differnt site, each site has it's own standard for sizes and it doesn't always fit. For example I put a slide/video show from photobucket on my side bar. It came with the HTML like this:

< width="300" src="

Now most of this is stuff I don't understand but the part I do understand are the parts that say width="300" and height="300"
well the sidebar on my blog, and many other people's blog, isn't 300 pixels, it is 220. So all you have to do is go layout, page elements, edit (which ever element doesnt' fit properly) and simply change the "300" to "220" Like so:

< width="220" src="

I hope this helps someone out there:)

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