Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Animations Comming Soon!

So the reason I haven't done any new layouts is because I have figured out how to do animations! (if you couldn't tell by my header). Well don't worry I will make more layouts soon....any one with a special request may make one at anytime:)! In fact I just finished a customized layout for the Peacock can see it here:
So if you want a one-of-kind custom made layout just let me know what you want on it and I will get you the link.
As far as the animations go, getting it on your header is a complicated process and I haven't perfected it. But, I will be making some cute animations to go in the sidebar! If any one has any suggestions of something they want animated let me know..I will do my best to make it. I will be makeing some "sidebar pets" if I can get that good at it. So if you have a special request for a side bar pet let me know.
Or if you want a quote animated I can also do that so just start requesting and I will get going:)!

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