Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Here Goes Nothing!

Ok so I am not 100% sure if I am doing this right so let me know if you have issues! But I tested it out and it should work. Right click on the link and "copy shortcut". Paste that in your ( ) in your HTML and it should work! :)


Cowgirl up


Tribute to dad
(dad embelishment can be
removed upon request)


Simply Pretty


I hope you like them! If you would like a matching personalized header let me know which one you have and what you would like it to say and I will give you instructions on how to apply it! :) And remember if you use one just leave me a coment telling me which one so I know which ones are hits and which ones are duds. Also a note, if you change your background you may have to go to Layout and change your font color so that it can be seen. (don't change the color on your post, use the "Fonts and Colors" tab, trust me it saves alot of headache if you change layouts later)

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